Zerohouse 2.0: KB Home and HOG reduce the energy bill to zero

October 2011

ZeroHouse 2.0 from KB Home

When is zero a hero? Using photovoltaic power and solar panels, KB Home has unveiled a heroic home energy formulation that reduces a home’s energy consumption (and electricity bill) to zero.

The ZeroHouse 2.0      ©KB Home

The ZeroHouse 2.0 made its debut in Tampa, Florida. KB Home will achieve their net-zero energy goal using alternative technologies to produce more power in the home than is actually used by the homeowners. Similar models are in the works for the Texas cities of San Antonio and Austin.

The Tampa Tribune breaks down how it works.

You may remember our partnership with KB Home (and Martha Stewart) for the Builder Concept Home 2011. HOG tanks were a water-saving feature of the KB Home GreenHouse™ which debuted in Orlando, Florida in January 2011.

The ZeroHouse 2.0 continues our partnership with KB Home. HOG tanks take on double-duty in the ZeroHouse for rainwater harvesting and as an emergency water supply source.

Find out the nitty gritty on the ZeroHouse 2.0 in Builder Magazine and Fine Homebuilding.