Aug/Sept 2013: Nundah State School

 Nundah State School  II  Brisbane, Queensland  II  Australia

104 HOGs in the school colors hold 5,700 gallons for irrigation, toilet flush…and teach students about gravity and water pressure!

nundah behind the trees

Yellow and black HOGs mounted on the library peek out from behind the foliage at Nundah State School.

Year of Install: 2007

Installation Stats: 114 HOGS are grouped around the library building to capture water from each downspout.  Made to order in the school colors of yellow and black, the tanks are installed at different elevations on different sides of the building.

Annual Water Capture: 5,700 gallons

HOG Skills: The different elevations demonstrate how a gravity feed system affects water pressure (higher elevation + full tank =  maximum pressure). The Nundah library uses ultra-low-flush Caroma toilets and flushing these with HOGS saves the school more than 28,000 gallons of water per year.

Where is it Now?
Six years later, our modular rainwater catchment system continues to capture rainwater, flush toilets, and teach the next wave of students.

January 2012: Toilet Flush at Hall Middle School

5-4-3-2-and 1! Toilet Flush is a Go!

2011 Green Plumber of Year for the Western Region Jamie Rogers of Rogers Remodel Inc. recently revisited the three HOG installation at Hall Middle School in Larkspur, California. The word is in: a toilet is flushing at Hall Middle School using rainwater gathered from HOG tanks!

Here’s what he has to say about working with Rainwater HOG tanks:

“After working with the HOG installation at two schools this past year, it confirmed how I felt. The product is easy to work with and very versatile. I love recommending [Rainwater HOG tanks] to clients of all types because of its low profile, varied uses, and economical benefits.”

Of the installation at Hall Middle School, he says:

“The second school in Marin was one where we connected the tanks to a toilet. The teachers, students, and staff were very excited about flushing this toilet with rainwater.”