July 2012: HOG Distributors on Green Building

 Permascape Designs

Daly School elementary students gather in front of a two-HOG installation, supervised by Permascape Designs, at their Long Island school.

We must educate each day so that sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques become the new way of design and construction,” says Mark Scaramucci of Permascape Designs.

about HOG, Mark says:
“The Rainwater HOG is one of many new and innovative products that will change the way we live on this planet.”


Rogers Remodel

Architecture for Humanity featured the seven-HOG McKinley Elementary School installation, installed by Rogers Remodel, in their book: Design Like You Give a Damn 2.

I talk to everyone I can about ways to conserve, because I do think it’s that important that we make changes now, not only to save money but to save energy and water,” says certified Green Plumber Jamie Rogers of Rogers Remodel.

After installing HOGs at two schools, Jamie says:
“[HOGs are] a great hands-on demonstration about conservation for the kids.”




January 2012: Toilet Flush at Hall Middle School

5-4-3-2-and 1! Toilet Flush is a Go!

2011 Green Plumber of Year for the Western Region Jamie Rogers of Rogers Remodel Inc. recently revisited the three HOG installation at Hall Middle School in Larkspur, California. The word is in: a toilet is flushing at Hall Middle School using rainwater gathered from HOG tanks!

Here’s what he has to say about working with Rainwater HOG tanks:

“After working with the HOG installation at two schools this past year, it confirmed how I felt. The product is easy to work with and very versatile. I love recommending [Rainwater HOG tanks] to clients of all types because of its low profile, varied uses, and economical benefits.”

Of the installation at Hall Middle School, he says:

“The second school in Marin was one where we connected the tanks to a toilet. The teachers, students, and staff were very excited about flushing this toilet with rainwater.”