September 2012: B.U.G. (Beautiful.Useful.Green) Design


While we might not go so far as to call the Washit “my green shower pleasure” (something might have been lost in translation from the iF award panel to us…), we’re pleased to share with you this multi-tasking, water-saving new design that combines a shower with a washing machine. Washit is a closed system shower stall/washing machine concept from four Turkish university students.

The Washit re-mixes two domestic standards (the washing machine and shower stall) into one water-wise product that offers improved form and dual functionality.

Why is it beautiful? Winners of the water efficiency prize for the iF Concept Design Award 2012: Hansgrohe Special Award, the young designers were praised for “a clever solution” in a contest that favored intuitive, well-presented  designs. Notes from judge Andreas Haug highlight the Washit’s strengths, “identical components, resource-saving, aesthetic appeal, hygienic.”

Why is it useful? This is a sleek hybrid of two household standby’s that allows you to take a shower and wash your clothes simultaneously.  In the Washit, water used for showering is collected as grey water. Once filtered, the water is stored and ready to use again – for the shower or the washing machine. In case of water loss, water is supplemented from the water mains.

Why is it green? Washit offers a revolution in the wash cycle: from your body to your clothes, at home and in public. (A public use scenario Washit offers a privacy screen for a quick clean at airports, gyms, or music festivals.) Be green while you get clean with Washit.

Check out Sally’s blog for more B.U.G. Designs.


March 2012: QuickDominguez Architects Multi-Green Roof Residence

A City-Side Look at Rainwater Harvesting, Rooftop Farming and Green Renovation

QuickDominguez Architects mid-century revitalization in Bondi Beach
Sydney, Australia

It’s been a while since we covered an Aussie HOG story, but we’ve got a green roof extravaganza of a story  – and in parts!  HOG designer Sally Dominguez is working with architect Sam Quick in a new venture, QuickDominguez Architects, to revitalize a corner of Bondi Beach more known for its urban concrete and grit – with barely a green leaf to be seen.

Model of the multi-green roof Bondi Beach residence seen from the northwest.

The QuickDominguez project involves refurbishing a mid-century brick apartment building into a multi-green roofed vivid green benchmark of sustainable residential design. Ten HOGs will store rainwater for flushing the toilets and irrigating the ground level gardens, and two HOGs will store shower greywater for reuse on the upper level green roof plantings. All up, the HOGs will reduce the use of city water by more than 80%, and all storm water will be absorbed or re-used on site.

A sneak peek, and a northeast facing view, of the concept model.

We will keep you updated as the scheme makes its way from the drawing board to its Bondi block.

January 2012: Toilet Flush at Hall Middle School

5-4-3-2-and 1! Toilet Flush is a Go!

2011 Green Plumber of Year for the Western Region Jamie Rogers of Rogers Remodel Inc. recently revisited the three HOG installation at Hall Middle School in Larkspur, California. The word is in: a toilet is flushing at Hall Middle School using rainwater gathered from HOG tanks!

Here’s what he has to say about working with Rainwater HOG tanks:

“After working with the HOG installation at two schools this past year, it confirmed how I felt. The product is easy to work with and very versatile. I love recommending [Rainwater HOG tanks] to clients of all types because of its low profile, varied uses, and economical benefits.”

Of the installation at Hall Middle School, he says:

“The second school in Marin was one where we connected the tanks to a toilet. The teachers, students, and staff were very excited about flushing this toilet with rainwater.”