The Whole HOG: October 2011

October 2011

2011 ARCSA Conference

Simon Dominguez, CEO of Rainwater HOG, is freshly returned from the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) conference in Portland, Oregon. He met with old friends (including Tom, Dean and John)….

Tom Sparga of RainSaucers            Dean of BARR Plastics (left)                                                       with John of RainHarvest Systems

…and made some new ones. We’d like to welcome our newest readers to The Whole HOG!

We received great feedback from folks at the ARCSA conference, and wanted to extend the conversation to you. What do you want to see more (or less) of in our monthly newsletter The Whole HOG? Comment to tell us what you think!

Emergency Preparedness (and Waterless Gas Heaters)

February 2011 found New Zealand reeling from a devastating earthquake in the city of Christchurch. All five of the city’s water reservoirs were damaged. Whole blocks of the city, using waterless gas heaters, were without any emergency back-up supply.

Many cities and power companies offer rebates for the more sustainable waterless gas heaters. They are almost 20% more energy efficient than traditional tank water heaters. Efficiency is a measure of heat transfer from the energy source to your hot water. For small houses and nearly all apartments, water heater tanks provide the only back-up emergency water supply. The problem is they are too bulky and inefficient to use.

Hence, to live sustainably, you need a waterless heater – and a decent back-up supply of water. The eHOG has you covered when it comes to an emergency water supply. Read on to find out how everyone from local elementary schools to one of the nation’s largest homebuilders have incorporated eHOGs into the plan.