Oct/Nov 2013: Water Reports x 2

The Value of Water

Irreplaceable, shared, innovative, clean, green: what one thing shares these five qualities? If you answered water, then head immediately to the sink for your reward. Pour yourself a glass of pure, clean, drinking water! Enjoy as you click and consider the link below:

value of waterThe Value of Water Coalition has put together an engaging and thought-provoking site full of easily accessible links to show how water encompasses these five qualities.

The coalition is made up of both public and private members of the water industry, who have come together at a time when our water infrastructure is at risk. They aim to educate the public on the importance of clean, safe, and reliable water to and from every community, and to help ensure quality water service for future generations.


Thirsty U.S. Energy Production on Collision Course with Climate-Imperiled Water Supply

The “Water Constraints on Energy Production” produced by the Civil Society Institute (CSI) sounds the alarm for a significant collision between  thirsty energy production practices and an increasing beleaguered U.S. water supply.

The CSI report notes: “Currently, 97 percent of the nation’s electricity comes from thermoelectric or hydroelectric generators, which rely on vast quantities of water to produce electricity … Water is increasingly becoming a limiting factor on U.S. energy production and a key obstacle to maintaining both electricity output and public health and safety. The constraints range from insufficient water supplies to meet power plants’ cooling and pollution control needs—a challenge likely to be exacerbated by climate change, population growth, and competition from other sectors—to the high costs of energy-related water contamination and thermal pollution.”

We found this report, prepared by Synapse Energy Economics for the CSI, on the American Clean Energy Agenda site. Dive in for more info..


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