November 2012: B.U.G. (Beautiful.Useful.Green) Design

Top 5 from Greenbuild 2012
A note from Sally Dominguez, HOG inventor and our in-house architect and design buff, “We saw so many innovative products and technologies at Greenbuild 2012. Here are five of the best from green roofs to green walls, to big ass fans and indoor/outdoor alternatives to traditional timber!”

live wallLiveWall Green Wall Systems is my stand out winner for an awesome and innovative product at Greenbuild!! It’s a great modular design and it irrigates using integrated sprinklers rather than drip – simulating rainfall for healthy plants.

friendly wall

Friendly wall. From Canada, a prefabricated 3mm solid timber textured wall cladding on a plywood base brings the warmth and interest of timber in an unusual layered finish.

GardnetHydrotech’s GardNet flexible green roof system for pitched roofs. Sometimes flat modular planter panels don’t fit the bill for a green roof refit. GardNet creates a wavy tile outline into which planting material and plants can be integrated on site.

big ass fanIt’s not just the name that we love about Big Ass Fans – they also make a great looking product that is really effective in moving air around a room. Did you know that an air conditioning system is doubly effective if used in conjunction with a ceiling fan?!

resystaResysta is a breakthrough simulated timber system from Germany sold in California by Marin’s own Matt Berg. It combines 60% rice husk with 22% common salt and 18% mineral oils to form a durable, grained timber deck and cladding product that stains beautifully. Sally plans to use it on the QuickDominguez Bondi Garden house, so stay tuned!


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