October 2012: Zip through Paris with Sally Dominguez in Renault’s Twizy

The Paris Motor Show and a Pocket-Sized Electric Vehicle

Sally Dominguez, HOG Designer and car journalist, attended the 2012 Paris Motor Show. While there, she took the Renault Twizy, a pocket-sized electric vehicle for a spin around the city. Put a smile on your dial with this video of Sally navigating the streets of Paris in the Twizy.

©Sydney Morning Herald

Here’s her breakdown of the Paris Modial L’automobile:

Paris may be literally jam-packed, and its a fact that insurance companies refuse to insure vehicles using the ring road around the Arc de Triumphe, but the city is not all a’ pied. The Paris Motor Show had a dedicated track for alternative fuel vehicles…and a “4D” rally car simulation including rocking seats and lots of water spray if you found the electric vehicles too timid.  Peugeot showed a brilliant concept supercar made from copper, steel, felt and pressed paper, and Renault handed me a Twizy quadricycle for a tootle around town.  From the fabled Metro to the public “green bikes” you can ride for the swipe of a card..so many transportation options!  Vive le Paris!

And don’t miss her Twizy First Drive Review in the Sydney Morning Herald!


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