The Whole HOG: July 2012

Water-centric Green Design News

This July, we’ve got a HOG(podge) of happenings, both recent and upcoming. Find open doors, extra deals and an opportunity to win HOG tanks for your campus inside. See what our distributors (and exhibitors) have to say about green building too.

One of the largest commercial developments in North America, the Toronto-Dominion Center in Canada, is opening the door to all things green with the Green Portal, an online tool that charts the energy use of their buildings in real time. ELT Easy Green built a living wall using five HOG tanks cleverly hidden inside to commemorate the launch. Discover the details.

Sodastream opens the door to a reduced carbon footprint with a home soda maker that creates sparkling water at home. Read all about in our B.U.G. Design section. In the meantime, settle in with us for a good read and bring on the bubbly!

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