March 2012: QuickDominguez Architects Multi-Green Roof Residence

A City-Side Look at Rainwater Harvesting, Rooftop Farming and Green Renovation

QuickDominguez Architects mid-century revitalization in Bondi Beach
Sydney, Australia

It’s been a while since we covered an Aussie HOG story, but we’ve got a green roof extravaganza of a story  – and in parts!  HOG designer Sally Dominguez is working with architect Sam Quick in a new venture, QuickDominguez Architects, to revitalize a corner of Bondi Beach more known for its urban concrete and grit – with barely a green leaf to be seen.

Model of the multi-green roof Bondi Beach residence seen from the northwest.

The QuickDominguez project involves refurbishing a mid-century brick apartment building into a multi-green roofed vivid green benchmark of sustainable residential design. Ten HOGs will store rainwater for flushing the toilets and irrigating the ground level gardens, and two HOGs will store shower greywater for reuse on the upper level green roof plantings. All up, the HOGs will reduce the use of city water by more than 80%, and all storm water will be absorbed or re-used on site.

A sneak peek, and a northeast facing view, of the concept model.

We will keep you updated as the scheme makes its way from the drawing board to its Bondi block.

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