February 2012: designSTUDIOmodern

Mark Meyers, principal of the Texas-based designSTUDIOmodern and Rainwater HOG distributor recently had cause to reflect on rainwater harvesting systems. Late January storms have offered much welcomed relief from an extended, brutal Texas drought.

Here’s what he had to say about Rainwater HOG:

Our personal favorite system is the RainWater HOG. We…use the tanks in our own projects for most any situation where we need to hold water (potable water and waste water tanks for our various food trailer projects.) The best part of the Rainwater HOG system is that it is low-profile and modular, so it can be installed along the walls of your house, distributed around to various downspout locations, or built within the structure of a wooden deck.

©Aimee Wenske
A Rainwater HOG tank stores potable water at the shipping container coffee shop La Boite in Austin, Texas.


We spotlighted La Boite, one uniquely out-of-the-box food trailer project designed by designSTUDIOmodern, in April 2010. The coffee shop uses three HOGs to maintain an independent water supply for storage and disposal.

Keep an eye out for an upcoming feature on SushiBox – a sushi restaurant in a shipping container using five Rainwater HOGs.


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