November 2011: Expos in Mexico, New Markets in Asia

HOG international distributors are making a strong showing with conference appearances and new installations. And, one enterprising new distributor is opening up new markets for our rainwater harvesting tanks in Southeast Asia.

Mexico:  Expo CIHAC 2011

Rainwater HOG Mexico put on a stylish display at the October 18-22 Expo CIHAC 2011 in Mexico City. The conference offered the best exposure in the construction industry and aimed to promote industry best practices.

Rainwater HOG in Singapore

Singapore-based distributor Green Building Materials secured its first Rainwater HOG tank client. Eight tanks will be installed in 6 Terrace Houses on Inggu Road in Singapore. Four of the homes will have one tank each installed for watering the backyard garden. The two corner houses will have two HOGs each; one for the backyard garden, and one in the front for miscellaneous irrigation needs as well as keeping a car sparkling clean with freshly harvested rainwater.


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