Emergency Preparedness: Back to School with a Plan

October 2011

Edna Maguire Elementary Emergency Water Supply

“A small investment [and a] smart move,” says former elementary school emergency coordinator Ken Campbell of the choice to use one 50-gallon eHOG to shore up his school’s emergency water supply.

Edna Maguire Elementary School in Mill Valley, California (where Ken acted as emergency coordinator for five years)  teaches 338 kindergarten through fifth graders. The school has a shipping container that holds emergency supplies for the school, including first aid kits, radio communications, tents, food and water. An olive green eHOG sits near the front door of the container, holding an emergency water supply.

The eHOG holds pride of place (and 50 gallons of drinking water) at the entrance of the container.

“It’s a good measure as a secondary device,” says Ken. The eHOG is supplemented by gallon jugs of water, which provide a transportable water supply. The American Red Cross recommends one gallon of water per person per day in the case of an emergency.

Edna Maguire Elementary School keeps their emergency supplies in a shipping container.  

Other benefits of the eHOG to Edna Maguire:

reduced environmental impact – our 50-gallon tank can be re-filled from the tap, reducing the waste of discarding expired gallon water containers.
reusable -The eHOG can be used like a water fountain, or the kitchen sink, to re-fill water bottles that people already have.
space-saving – The small footprint of the eHOG allows more room for remaining emergency supplies.
increased safety – in case of a natural disaster, the eHOG will not roll (as would a barrel), ensuring the safety of any kids in the path.


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